Reminder for Tomorrow

Hello All,

Please don’t forget that we WILL have a diagnostic in-class CATW essay tomorrow.  This is NOT anything about which you need to worry.  If you come to class and write the essay, you will get an A.  It’s as simple as that!  I will hand out a short reading (less than a page) and ask you to write what you think about it.  The topic will be racism in this country and, specifically, the recent events in Ferguson.

Let me remind you, if you are worried, that I HAVE given you the official CATW handbook with LOTS of examples of sample ENG095 essays.  CLICK HERE for the handbook.  If you look at pages 4 – 23, you’ll find a sample CATW test, explanation of the exam and the scoring, and a bunch of sample papers.

I look forwards to seeing all of you again tomorrow!


Prof. Jaime Weida


PS: Due to being really sick this weekend, I did NOT see Guardians of the Galaxy but I hope I can go see it next week!  And I AM feeling a wee bit better and should be in better shape for our class tomorrow.  🙂


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One response to “Reminder for Tomorrow

  1. Anthony

    Hi prof,

    I am no longer in your class but yet I still receive notifications about your new classes. Can you remove me from your email list please. Sincerely, Anthony

    Sent from my iPhone


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