Information About Practice “Dry Run” CATW on 10/27

Hello All,

In class today I announced that our class has been chosen to be part of a diagnostic group to help CUNY choose readings for next semester’s CATW exams.  What does that mean?  Well:

  • On Monday 10/27 our class will take a practice CATW under ACTUAL test conditions.
  • You will need to:
    • Go in N453 in the main building on that day instead of our regular classroom
    • Show up early (1:50) because the practice test will start at 2:00 sharp
    • Bring a paper dictionary, pens and pencils, and your BMCC ID
  • This is NOT the real midterm CATW exam.  This is PRACTICE.  Think of it like a “dry run” for when you take the test for real.
  • CLICK HERE for a letter from BMCC about this practice test and why we are taking it

(Note: Our REAL midterm CATW exam will take place during the week of November 10.  That means on Monday 11/10, Tuesday 11/11, OR Thursday 11/12.  I don’t know the actual date yet but will let you know when I know.)

Don’t forget that on Thursday we’re going to finish up with “Drug Policy as Social Control” and then do some grammar – hopefully play a game!


Prof. Jaime Weida



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