Revision Checklist

Hello All,

Some good questions to ask yourself when revising your writing:

  • What is my topic (response to the reading)?  This is especially important.  If you can’t figure out what your topic is, your paper needs serious work!
  • Do I have a clear introduction, body with at least two paragraphs, and conclusion?  This is also quite important.
  • Do I have enough strong examples backing up my response?  This is another really important one.
    • A good way to answer these first three questions is to make an OUTLINE of your existing paper.  Re-write your thesis exactly as it appears in your paper.  Make a list of each supporting example you have backing up your thesis.  If you can’t do this, that’s a sign that your paper is lacking a topic, support for that topic, or both.
  • Do I fully EXPLAIN and CLARIFY everything I say to support my response?  This is also very important.
  • Can a reader follow my paper?
    • You are NOT just writing to me; I don’t grade and don’t even get to read your real CATW essays!  You are writing a paper that any student could read and understand, no matter whether they have taken our class or not.
  • Is my writing consistent?
    • Are there unnecessary switches in verb tense?
    • Do you go off on tangents?
    • Do you mix up words or get information wrong?
  • Does my writing flow evenly and clearly?
  • Do I have too much summary?
  • Am I using quotations properly, if I use them?
  • Do I have spelling errors?
  • Do I mix up words that sound the same?
  • Do I follow SUBJECT-VERB-OBJECT sentence structure properly?
  • Do I use complete sentences?
  • Do I capitalize everything that needs to be capitalized?

I hope this is helpful,

Prof. Jaime Weida



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