Winning Review of “Supersize Me”

Hello All,

Below is the review of Supersize Me that I picked as the winner from our class. We did this as an in-class writing assignment on Monday after finishing the film.  The student who wrote this will receive extra credit for this assignment – congratulations!  🙂

I have edited the review slightly for grammar, syntax, and spelling.

Supersize Me is a documentary about a man who eats McDonalds food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days.  The whole point of this is to show how eating large amounts of McDonalds food can affect your body.  Throughout this journey we see him eat, eat, and eat, so I suggest not watching this movie while you’re hungry.

The movie is good at showing how bad McDonalds’ food is and the harm it does to your body.  The narrator/director even gets health/marketing experts and professors to back him up.  My one big problem with this film is that it only has one target.  He’s only talking about McDonalds and not other fast food chains like Burger King or Wendy’s.  I think it would have been nice to see information about fast food chains as a whole rather than just focusing on the troublesome “poster child.”  Other than that, it’s a well-informed, interesting, straight-to-the-point film.

I give  Supersize Me four golden arches out of five.


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