Additional Update

Hello All,

Okay, since my previous message I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from students who DO need to take the final exam CATW asking if they can use this time today to just practice on their own instead of coming to class.  SO…here’s an additional update for today’s class:

  • If you have to take the CATW tomorrow, and would rather use the time today to practice for it than coming to our class, you will not be penalized.  I’m not taking attendance today at all.

Again, I’ll be in our classroom around 3:00 today (probably a little later than 3:00 as I don’t expect many people if any to come by, based on the emails I’ve received) for any students who are taking the CATW tomorrow and want to know how they did on last Thursday’s practice test.  Which brings me to my other update: YOU CAN EMAIL ME FOR THE SCORE YOU RECEIVED ON THE PRACTICE CATW LAST WEEK.

I hope this brings everyone up to date and I’ll continue posting reminders about our end-of-semester class schedule.

Prof. Jaime Weida


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