Grammar Guide

Hello All,

Well, I am kind of getting the impression that no one is coming to class today.  And, as I’ve said to many of you in individual emails, I know it’s the end of the semester and I want to make things easier for everyone.  If that means giving all of you a day off, that’s cool.

We were going to do some grammar review today.  CLICK HERE for a VERY good grammar review from the late Prof. Berkley’s textbook. I STRONGLY suggest you print this out/save this for your future English classes.

DON’T FORGET that grammar does NOT stop counting towards your grade once you all graduate from ENG095.  I may have shared in this in class (so please forgive any repetition), but there was a “success in business” conference here at BMCC a couple of years ago.  One of the presenters apparently took a survey of major employers in the Tri-State area to find out what they valued most in their employees.  The FIRST FIVE responses all had to do with the stuff you learn in English classes – and the VERY FIRST was “employees who can communicate in formal language in written and spoken form.”  This basically means that employers value grammar skills.  My partner, who is an area manager for a pretty big company in this area, has said that any resume/application he gets with even one grammatical error or typo on it gets thrown in the garbage.  He does not say that because he wants to punish people; it is his company’s policy, which is one that is shared by many companies in this country.

I will post a reminder/information about the final exam CATW a little later today.


Prof. Jaime Weida



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